Asheville FloodI am so glad you found your way to our site.

What’s the difference between fate and destiny? Can you alter one or the other?

How much power do we really have in our lives?

Everyone has an opinion on that, and I’m not sure mine is better than anyone else’s.

I do know that those who are drawn to the stock market and its potential to financially change people’s lives often arrive through four different paths.

We may have someone in our family who is involved in the market. A father or grandfather. We may be introduced by way of education, in college. We may come to it through our employment.

And, then there are those of us who are drawn to the stock market by way of financial need.

It was financial need that brought me to the stock market and option trading in 2004. 

When I was 55 years of age, the gift shop business my husband and I had poured our energy into for 25 years was flooded by Tropical Storm Frances, and, two weeks later after initial clean up, Tropical Storm Ivan whacked us again.  Everything was wiped out.  We had no flood insurance. It’s doesn’t flood in the mountains of Western North Carolina!

Inventory was gone, displays, furniture, equipment, books, and back-up stock. Twenty-five years of financial investment and sweat equity were gone.  To compound the problem, we didn’t have the money to bring it back by repairing the shop and replacing merchandise. Honestly, we didn’t have the means to pay the bills that the postman placed in the box every afternoon.  Homelessness loomed in our future.

How do you start over at 55 years of age?

A friend took me out to lunch to perk up my spirits, and, during our meal, she mentioned option trading.  The words were foreign to me.  I knew about the stock market; my father was an economics professor. Stacks of Wall Street Journals were placed in dining room chairs as adjustable booster seats for my four younger brothers and sisters growing up as a kid. 

My friend mentioned profits and percentage gains that were unheard of in the gift shop business. 

Typical negative self-talk ran through my mind – I am too old to start something new.  I don’t have the needed education.  I have a shop to clean up; I can’t find the time to learn something new.  Not only don’t I have the time, I don’t have the energy to tackle something new.  I was afraid I’d fail and those who thought I was crazy to even consider something so foolish would be proven right.

Nonetheless, I held my desire to break out of the mess we were in for three beats longer than the defeating self-talk, and I recklessly took the money that had been set aside for the electric bill to pay for an option trading class.  After all, the electric wouldn’t be back on for months anyway.

This “Three Beats Longer” has become a success philosophy in and of itself, but I will save that for another post.

Option trading was a good fit for me. Oh, goodness, I made plenty of rookie mistakes along the way, but, before too long, I was earning more money than we ever made through sales in gift shop (which we were able to bring back for my husband Jack.  He sold the business 8 years later and was able to retire).

The point of all this is, if all the negative self-talk and friendly naysayers had kept me from stretching and moving into uncomfortable foreign territory, then I would have missed the chance to realize that what seemed like disaster was really a blessing in disguise and an opportunity to grow and experience wonders that would never have been possible otherwise.

Imagine that, I came to think of a flood as a God-sent blessing.

I have since learned that, when I am too comfortable in my life, I become stuck and complacent, like most people. It is when I feel uncertainty and am a little uncomfortable that I am breaking the boundary to new growth and exciting new possibilities.

Perhaps, you, too, are at a turning point and need a new financial path. Option trading could be new territory for you.  If so, I want you to know that, as a way to repay the blessings I have received, I have cut away all the confusing jargon and concepts that are designed to confuse new traders so that they have no choice but to turn to the “supposed” experts and their high fees.

The educational materials you find here are written in simple everyday language as if you and I were talking across the kitchen table.

I commend you for being here! For taking the first step and breaking out of your comfort zone!  You can do this!