It is Time to Thrive – Not Simply Survive

The Stay-Home order and the subsequent slow return to “normal” has been a real eye-opener for many, especially people who have lost their jobs or had to close their business.  I think the hardest part for many is not knowing if this is apt to be a one-time event or the first of many closures.

  • What if the virus flares up again in the Fall?
  • What if it mutates and those who had the virus and fared well are not immune to a new strain?
  • Is this indeed a new way of life?
  • How long will it take for employers to not just reopen but to “fully” staff again?

I feel very blessed and fortunate in that little has changed for me. My day are not much different than they were several months ago. I wake up in the morning, fix a cup of tea, sit on the deck on my mountain-top home, enjoy the view until I am ready to start my day by checking the stock market, and perhaps, looking for potential new trades on the computer.  I work until I am satisfied with my work and then I read or garden and play with the dogs.

Life for me wasn’t always like this.  Sixteen years ago, an unfortunate event that to my family and the region I worked in was as devastating as the pandemic.  A flood hit the shop my husband and I operated for nearly 20 years and wiped it out. Back then, out of work and broke as a twig, I took a couple classes and taught myself option trading on the stock market.

Since then, I have not only had financial security, knowing that I could enter an option trade in almost any market, but there has been a level of mental and emotional comfort knowing that nothing, except maybe health, could ever again take away my ability to earn a living. I am in control! I can work wherever I have access to a computer… from home, my kids’ houses, or while traveling or on vacation. (I am looking forward to being able to travel again.)

I am living my dream!

To learn to trade options, you don’t need a financial degree, a college education, or a business background.  You just need the desire to learn something new and a willingness to put in a little time to take in new concepts that are not hard to grasp.

As a way to say thank you, in addition to teaching about trading, I do my best to help others who want the same security option trading offers.  If this speaks to you, please check out – Exploring Your Options ( I explain the process in an understandable way, whittling away the jargon intentionally designed to confuse, so the specialists can charge the hefty fees. 

Give yourself permission to Repurpose the Pandemic. Achieve YOUR dreams!

To your success –