Being in a contemplative mood and thinking about the state of world affairs, racial issues, the Pandemic, the chance of a second shutdown, and my place in all this as an option trader and teacher, I realized option trading is a one-of-a-kind work opportunity.  There is NOTHING like it.

Option Trading – a work opportunity that is 100% about you (me).  We are in total control.

  • No high school or college degree needed
  • Yes, some study, special training, and understanding is needed, but it is open to anyone who has the desire to learn it – without the need for prior education.
  • Location is not an issue. It doesn’t matter where you live, what the population is, or what industries are in your town.
  • A computer (desktop or laptop) is important, but no other equipment, special supplies or production materials are needed.
  • You don’t need a special talent, knowledge of numbers, accounting, art, business, design, manufacturing, graphics, engineering, or mechanical training.
  • Age doesn’t come into play.
  • No race, gender, ethnicity, or religious bias—totally equal playing field
  • You are not producing, advertising, looking for a customer, and then selling a product.
  • You are either a buyer or seller, but your trading partner is already there – no need to entice or chase them down.
  • No physical body conditions, gender, height, weight, infirmities, fitness, strength, or disability is an issue – come as you are.
  • You can trade from home, work, while traveling, or on vacation.
  • No travel expense or vehicle needed to arrive at work location.
  • No special wardrobe or work uniform needed
  • No unique office style, type or work environment is needed
  • No boss, employment hierarchy, or co-workers who might not be on the same page or have the same work goals
  • No set work schedule. You determine your own hours based on a trading strategy that best suits you.
  • No minimum wage, dollar per hour pay scale, or maxed out hourly wage – open ended opportunity
  • You cannot be fired or let go for any reason.
  • No political party bias or leaning is involved

Option trading provides such a unique opportunity for anyone with the interest and the time to find success. It is unlike any other occupation.

If you are ready to make a positive change toward your own prosperity, believe in your ability to make it happen. The energy that you bring to any venture determines its success. In order for new ideas or concepts like Option Trading to be powerful and effective, they must be filled with the energy of our own engagement with them, and in order for your personal tools to be effective, they must be put to use.

This sounds obvious, but often we fall into the habit of thinking we are engaging with ideas and using those tools just by the fact that we are reading about them or listening to other people talk about them. In truth, using our own tools – our individual skillset – drive, ambition, goals, patience, strengths, likes, etc. – is a very personal action, one we must do with intention in order to put those tools to work. It is not enough to think about your goals; you must take active steps toward them, using whatever tools are at your disposal.

You are bringing “you” to the table. Like art, we are each unique, and no two of us will receive the same inspiration, nor will we make it a reality in exactly the same way. If you are ready to take a first step into Option Trading to make your goals a reality – and now is a great time to do it – take a look at my introduction to Option Trading –

Maybe the silver lining in these crazy times is the opportunity it provides you to take a step into a new direction. Remember, there is nothing holding you back from this!

You can do this!

Wendy Kirkland