How are you living in these unsettled times?  Wise and informed, yet peaceful, balanced, hype-free, compassionate,  fearless in a love-filled space?

If not, it is time to thrive, not simply survive.  It is time to evaluate and decide what is truly important to you and then know that you can achieve these desirable objectives.  These goals can be achieved right now by accepting and incorporating them into your life and changing your mindset about anything that doesn’t fit into these parameters.

For many, they feel they can adjust to much of what they are handed each day except for financial worries.  Money – or the lack of it – seems to be nestled in the middle of most of the tension or stress that throws them off target from achieving their desired objective.  The situation multiplies when they beat themselves up for failing to achieve the desired goal.

Be kind to yourself.  Know that you and everyone else are doing the best we can.  When you realize a situation is skewed or you are not mentally or emotionally where you’d like to be, a clearer view or perspective can settle over it.

It is important to remember that troublesome events and moments that seemed worrisome a month ago, last week and perhaps even yesterday, are hard to even recall now.   Each was a momentary, skewed perception that was exaggerated or had elevated the circumstance.  

Stop and take a deep breath.  Remind yourself that you’ve got this, and everything will be okay.  A more balanced perspective will take control of the situation and your response.

Breathe and then breathe again.  Bring to mind your desired goals.  Breathe them into the moment.

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