Who is Wendy Kirkland?

wendy by riverI live nowhere near Wall Street—my husband and I actually used to operate a gift shop in a quaint little city called Asheville, North Carolina. Our gift store was successful, and we always envisioned it as our retirement plan… until one day, disaster struck. A heavy storm hit our area, and our shop was completely flooded—everything lost, and we had no flood insurance. We were in trouble.

So while I began looking for new ways to make money—a friend introduced me to options trading. Somehow, it just made sense to me, and I got really into it.

Actually, more than that… I became obsessed! I started reading books, watching financial news, taking courses… Most surprising of all, I got really good. I was beginning to make more money trading than we had ever made in our gift store, so I decided to pursue it full time.

In 2009, I wrote Option Trading in Your Spare Time after successfully trading options for approximately 7 years. I LOVED that my book helped so many people achieve financial independence through trading, just like I had.

In 2010, I created something called the P3 System, a strategy that zeroed in on a chart pattern that pinpointed when a stock was ready to significantly pop up in value.

Since that time and with the help of my family who support me in a variety of ways, I have been dedicated to developing cutting edge strategies to optimize profit potential from an ever-changing market and helping ordinary men & women… through education & guidance… become financially secure.